Together we keep South Holland moving

Early 2022 saw the launch of the partnership Zuid-Holland Bereikbaar (Keeping South Holland accessible). Within this partnership, the national and regional governments are working closely together to keep South Holland moving.

Joining forces

The South Holland region is becoming ever more built-up, with another 200,000 homes due to be constructed in the coming years. In addition, many roads, bridges and tunnels are due for a major upgrade. This will lead to busier roads, waterways and public transport. If we do nothing, South Holland will increasingly grind to a halt. That is why eight public-sector organisations are joining forces in the partnership Zuid-Holland Bereikbaar.

Getting things moving quickly and sustainably

Keeping South Holland accessible is not just a matter of us working together to channel traffic. We will also use the maintenance works and the related disruption to encourage people and businesses to use more sustainable modes of travel and transport. This will not only keep South Holland moving quickly and safely, but also keep it a pleasant environment to work and live in.

Everything under one roof

Because Zuid-Holland Bereikbaar will bring all information and expertise under one roof, we will be able to connect the dots between traffic and mobility management, allowing us to arrive at new solutions. We will do this by tailoring our approach to the region, involving all modes of transport and making the most of the opportunities handed to us by data and digitalisation.

Zuid-Holland Bereikbaar will make a difference by:

  • optimising the availability of infrastructure;
  • stimulating sustainable mobility behaviour;
  • bringing together programming, traffic and mobility management;
  • making an area-based approach central to our organisation and approach;
  • embracing innovation and data-driven solutions;
  • using the partners’ shared ambitions as an opportunity to foster closer regional cooperation;
  • forging ties with neighbouring regions and countries.

Fotobijschrift: Onderhoud Weg Hg